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Our Business Strategy

Worldwide Termination
We terminate voice call of international carrier partners on a regular basis. We offer calls to all major destinations in the world at competitive prices and quality.

Direct Routes
We are seeking Termination and origination partners worldwide. Our network is growing at a rapid pace, fueled by our passion of excellence by providing commitment to our partners with top quality service to our very best carriers abroad.

Clients Online access
We provide control panel from which you can monitor your traffic in real time and generate reports regularly.

A to Z Termination
We offer A-Z termination at competitive rates by ensuring highest voice quality. Calls are switched from our Datacenter in UK and Singapore to interconnect international carriers.

Network Diagram

IPLC service from World leading IPLC provider For Bangladesh, Singapore and United Kingdom POPs.

Our primary path is from Dhaka to Singapore through SEA-ME-WE-4

We have taken another path to UK through global ITC terrestrial network through Chennai

The Chennai IPLC will also act as a redundant path incase SEA-ME-WE-4 gets cut.
Our Service
Mos 5 Tel believes in partnering and growing together by taking challenges of the future. We ensure high quality routes through our dedicated support team who provides 24/7 skilled labor for implementing and operation all through. We guarantee redundanc
Customer Support
Mos 5 Tel Ltd. understands its customers' needs and provides reliable and flexible technical support,resources that are essential to maintaining their systems and providing continued high quality services to their clients...
A-Z Terminator