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Company Profile  

Mos5Tel is a potential entrant into the global voice market having PoP’s in London, Dhaka & Singapore.

Mos5 stands for Mean Opinion Score = 5, which is the best quality voice ever possible, equivalent to a perfect wire-line connection between two telephones. This terminology is used by telecommunication engineers while gathering subjective data on voice quality from people who rate a call from 1-5 , with 5 denoting 100% clear connection having no sound distortions.

With that in mind Mos5Tel has launched into this highly competitive VoIP market aiming to be the best in class in terms of Services & Voice Quality.

Keeping Quality in mind Mos5Tel has partnered with Genband™ solutions to provide the best in class Core Telecom switching equipment, Cisco™ Networks for its Data communication system & Ascadefor our billing solution. All these paired together bring the best of the best in telecommunications hardware and software together under one single platform to bring our customers unparalleled Quality.

Mos5Tel provides 24/7 Online and Telephone support to our clients. We provide corporate services to our valued clients; flexible payment plans for our partners, full redundancy of our telecom services through our redundant international private leased circuits and also Data center power connections including redundancy down to card level

We will be introducing Value Added Services to our end users, Calling card platforms, Special Apps for corporate clientele. Through our varied services we aim to bring a whole different dimension to the world of VoIP.

Join us, Get Connected!!